Falcon Trust

The Marlborough Falcon Trust was established in 2009 and is supported by Wine Marlborough in regards to promotion of the Trust. 

The over-riding goal of the Marlborough Falcon Trust is to increase numbers of the endangered New Zealand Falcon in the Marlborough region. Currently no one knows exactly how many survive in the wild – only that they are believed to be rarer than the Kiwi.

Brancott Estate is the Premiere sponsor of the Marlborough Falcon Trust. $1 from every bottle of wine sold in New Zealand from the Brancott Estate Living Land Series range is donated back to the Marlborough Falcon Trust.

That money has helped to build the breeding aviary at Brancott Vineyard and fund further educational programmes. The Marlborough Falcon Trust is currently working on another development which will open in the summer season, Falcon Walk at Brancott Estate Heritage Centre. 

For a donation, visitors have a chance to get up close with two of the Marlborough Falcon Trust’s advocacy birds, with all donations contributing to ongoing awareness and rehabilitation of falcons in the Marlborough region. 

 “Raising awareness of the plight of the New Zealand falcon is a key aim of the Marlborough Falcon Trust. Our advocacy birds give people the chance to get close to the birds and see for themselves how majestic and intelligent they are” 

 In addition to the Falcon Walk, in November, visitors to the Brancott Estate Heritage Centre will also be able to see the falcons in full-flight as part of the Brancott Estate Falcon Encounter.

 “New Zealand falcons are incredibly acrobatic flyers, reaching speeds of up to 200kph when hunting” says Amanda. “The Brancott Estate Falcon Encounter is a unique opportunity to see the falcons displaying their natural behaviours, and the only experience of its kind in the South Island.” The Brancott Estate Falcon Encounter also includes the opportunity to handle a falcon and to sample wines from the Brancott Estate Living Land range of organic wines. 

Through the support of Brancott Estate, educational programmes and promotional events the Marlborough Falcon Trust hopes to raise the awareness of the plight of the Falcon. www.mfct.org.nz

Falcon Overview

The New Zealand Falcon (Karearea – the Maori name) is a beautiful, iconic bird and New Zealand’s only endemic raptor. Whereas once they were found throughout New Zealand, today they are mostly confined to steep high country, craggy ranges and heavy bush.

The natural tendency to build their nest on the ground or in rocky outcrops, places the eggs and chicks at risk from introduced species such as feral cats, hedgehogs, pigs and goats. No current figures are available, but there are thought to be less than 4,000 pairs of falcons left in the wild, making the species one of New Zealand’s most endangered.

While small in size (the female weighs approximately 500g, the male 350g), they are a fearless predator, with their preferred diet being birds caught in mid-air. Reaching speeds of up to 200 km/hr when hunting, they are New Zealand’s fastest animal.

The falcon features on the back of the New Zealand $20 note and has been a protected species since 1970.

The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust (Charitable trust)

The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust is exclusively dedicated to the conservation of the New Zealand falcon in Marlborough and nationwide.

Our vision is of a thriving Karearea (New Zealand falcon) population, numerically restored throughout Marlborough’s natural and man-managed habitats, and subsequently re-established in other areas of New Zealand.

Our objectives are fivefold:
To breed falcons and release their offspring into wild population; these birds subsequently breed in the wild.
To raise the profile of falcons at community, national and international levels.
To provide access to falcons and ecological information about falcons to all New Zealanders with a particular focus on school children of all ages.
To rehabilitate injured wild falcons and, where possible, release them back into the wild.
To contribute to the wider scientific communities’ knowledge of falcons and falcon ecology and conservation.

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