Kārearea Falcon

Our commitment to the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust.

Chateau Marlborough strongly believes in the Tiaki Promise and is awarded within sustainable tourism. With environmental responsibility front of mind, Chateau Marlborough started supporting the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust soon after it was established in 2008 and continues to do so.


What is a kārearea falcon? 

Kārearea is the Māori name for the species also known as the NZ falcon. Kārearea is endemic, meaning: they are only found within New Zealand. It is an ‘at risk’ species it is estimated there are ONLY around 6,000 of these wonderful birds left. The Trust's vision is to increase the population, so kārearea is no longer on the threatened species list.


About the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust.

The Trusts facilities are supported by committed sponsors ensuring that our kārearea falcons will be here for many generations. A small but devoted team of volunteers works tirelessly to increase the population of kārearea falcons, rescue, rehabilitate and release these birds back into the wild. 

Substantial financial and in-kind support from Stoneleigh has meant the Trust has facilities to house over 20 kārearea, most of these birds have been injured. If they can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild, they are, otherwise, they go into our captive breeding programme. The Trust has released over 70 birds from the breeding programme and released many rehabilitated kārearea.

Along with the commitment to restoration, The Trust also has a strong part in advocacy and education Marlborough Lines Ltd sponsors the kārearea, falcons in Marlborough Schools programme. This very successful programme reaches thousands of primary school children in Marlborough every year. 


Get Up close and personal. 

To learn more about the kārearea falcon visit kareareafalcon.org , to see first-hand the work of the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust talk to one of our friendly staff and we can organise a visit to the aviary for an up-close encounter with the kārearea falcons. Or contact the Trust directly or through their website  kareareafalcon.org by phone 027 632 5266, or on Facebook.

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